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Lavazè Pass: winter fun and activites for families

Families in love with the stunning Dolomites should plan a holiday at Lavazè Pass, one of the destinations we love the most in Trentino. We had the chance to go there several times during [...]

2018-01-28T09:39:24+01:00Marzo 6th, 2017|Categorie: mountain|Tag: , , , |1 Commento

Baite Aperte: the event where winter sports meet great food

On Sunday, March 22nd, in the Civetta ski area, the village of Alleghe will feature an event called Baite Aperte, a great celebration for all foodies and mountain lovers alike. It’s a tour which [...]

2017-10-31T19:10:09+01:00Marzo 16th, 2015|Categorie: events, sport & advenutures|Tag: , |0 Commenti
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