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Do you want to know a bit more about your new Italian on-line friends? Then, here we are Ruggiero, Alessandra, Federico & Giacomo: 

An Italian family who has been travelling a lot around Italy and all over the world!

Tips 4 Italian Trips is a never-ending story about our beautiful country and is dedicated to whoever wants to discover Italy with kids. Marvellous landscapes, art, food, nature and beautiful people. We will tell you all about it! We will show you where we have been, what activities we have done, which facilities are best equipped for families.

The blog was launched thanks to the effort of two others Italians moms, travellers and friends – Valentina Cappio and Monica Facchini  – who then left the team to achieve other personal goals and we decided to continue this journey discovering Italy.
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Name: Alessandra Granata
Age: 39 years old, enthusiastic as a teenage girl
Children: 2
Passions: Nature above all!! Mountains, desert and sea. The scent of fresh snow, crackling under snowshoes and poles. All activities played in the natural elements: bike, motorbike and running, swimming and hiking as relax for the body. Doing Reiki with a lightened candle to restore the soul. Music, from Vivaldi to Coldplay. But on top of these…laughing, singing and dancing just the 3 of us, simply at home or all over the world.
Favourite colour: the blue “Azzurri” of the Italian national team, I used to wear
Favourite places: The countryside of Crema, where our Family “was born” and belongs to. Schiling and Fiemme Valley up in the Dolomites, exploring the magic of white silence. The amazing “Cinque Terre” sea, where the quite hills face the enchanted sea. The Australian outback, a place where souls have no borders. And in our future? Alaska and North Cape are on our bucket list.
Travelling style: Hiking shoes, paths map and a small tent. We love being in the unspoilt nature and what rhymes with adventure. Off the beaten tracks, there you can mostly find us. B&B and unique accommodation and the more away from crowded routes they are, the best. Travelling by motorbike is the only passion we missed since our lovely son joined the team… but we dream of going around Europe as Federico turns 18 and he would be able to drive a bike himself!
When I grow up, I will: launch my activity in tourism
Favourite quote: if you don’t prove yourself because afraid of failing, you ’ll fail.
Personal Blog:  I Viaggi dei Rospi (The Toads’ Trips)

Are you ready to explore Italy with your family?
Then, jump on board and let’s travel together!

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