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We are a family living in Milan, who shares a passion for outdoor and adventure travel. We love being in the unspoiled nature and what rhymes with adventure. Off the beaten tracks, there you can mostly find us.

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A Never Ending “Adventurous Journey”

Tips 4 Italian Trips is a never-ending story about our beautiful country and is dedicated to whoever wants to discover Italy with kids.

Marvelous landscapes, art, food, nature, and lovely people. We will tell you all about it! We will show you where we have been, what activities we have done, which facilities are the best suited for families.

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Reasons to Choose Italy
for a Perfect Family Vacation

Italy is not only where Michelangelo and Raffaello were born or where Ferrari and Vespa were invented. It is not only the best place to find good food, fantastic wine, and nice clothes. Italy is a wonderful family destination. And there are at least 5 reasons why you should visit Italy together with your kids

  • Outdoor activities are a must

  • Experience the diversity seeing so many different places, all in one country

  • Every single Italian region is a small history book

  • Food will never be a problem

  • Experience the Italian sense of family

It’s a long “road trip” if you wanna rock’n’roll
Discover Italy travelling Slow
Enjoy the best Mountain Views
Travel to Italy in the Outdoors