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Summer in Italy, the best destinations for families

A country where families can find beautiful villages, epic mountains, relaxing beaches, history, art and yummy food. There are endless spots to visit in Italy during summer. So many reasons to come and so [...]

Spring break ideas for families on a budget

Italy is a fantastic destination to visit in spring. Flowers are blooming from North to South. The temperature gets warmer everywhere, and children are delighted to spend the day outside, involved in outdoor activities. If [...]

The Gulf of Poets: how to organize a perfect family trip

The Gulf of Poets is one of the most beautiful destinations in Italy for sea lovers and hiking junkies. It is very close to the superb Cinque Terre, and took its name because many [...]

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Brixen Card for low cost holidays

A holiday in which you can enjoy interesting cultural visits and amazing sport activities without spending money is a great opportunity for the whole family. That’s why today I would like to tell you [...]

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Top tips when flying with a young family

Flying with young family: do you think it is really worth the hassle? I say yes!! Travelling around beautiful cities like Venice or Rome are wonderful experiences that most travellers will cherish for their rest [...]

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Top tips for travelling to Venice with kids 

Venice is one of Italy’s most beautiful and popular tourist destinations. However, it is not one of the venues that would immediately spring to mind if you were looking for a family-friendly break. With [...]

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Visiting Tuscany with Kids: 5 tips for family travel

Tuscany is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and one of the most family-friendly regions in the whole of Italy. There is so much to see and do in the breathtaking locality [...]

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Camping with kids: 5 things to bring

If you are thinking of camping in a tent as a cheap way to spend a nice holidays in Italy, well ... you have Tips 4 Italian Trips' moms approval. It is a way [...]

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