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Happy Cheese: the food lover event in the heart of the Dolomites

The Dolomites are the Italian mountains that everybody envy. Huge peak, stunning view and thousands of reasons to plan a family holiday in Italy. But if you are addicted to Italian flavours, there is [...]

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Baite Aperte: the event where winter sports meet great food

On Sunday, March 22nd, in the Civetta ski area, the village of Alleghe will feature an event called Baite Aperte, a great celebration for all foodies and mountain lovers alike. It’s a tour which [...]

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Fantacity: magical family events festival in Spoleto

If you are in Italy with kids  at the beginning of April, do not miss this wonderful event that will take place in Spoleto, one of the most beautiful medieval villages of our country. [...]

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Cervia Kite Festival: the best kite festival in Italy

During springtime, there are lots of amazing kite-flying events held around Italy. Our favourite is the Cervia International Kite Festival, which every year takes place around the end of April to the beginning of May. A flying [...]

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