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From Cinque Terre to Milan (or vice versa): a road trip itinerary

Cinque Terre are one of Italy's most precious secrets. Every year millions of tourists come from all over the world to admire these five little villages. Once they have decided to include Cinque Terre in [...]

2020-04-14T18:41:15+02:00Maggio 31st, 2017|Categorie: itineraries|Tag: , |0 Commenti

Seaside in Tuscany with kids

This is a short itinerary along the Etruscan Coast in Tuscany, offering a little treat for everyone, adults and kids alike. The Etruscan Coast, as well as the whole Tuscany, is so many different things at [...]

2015-10-18T10:05:05+02:00Aprile 22nd, 2013|Categorie: beaches & coastal area, itineraries|Tag: , , , |0 Commenti
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