Top tips for travelling to Venice with kids 


Venice is one of Italy’s most beautiful and popular tourist destinations; however it is not one of the venues that would immediately spring to mind if you were looking for a family friendly break. With its abundance of renaissance arts and magical, mystical waterways, Venice is considered to be the most romantic city in the world. However to not consider Venice simply because you have kids would be a big mistake: it definitely isn’t a destination just for grown-ups!

The fact that there are no cars on the island actually makes Venice feel really child-friendly, and children of all ages will delight in jumping in a water taxi or on a water bus in order to get from A to B. When you’re in the city you will often notice children playing in the squares and piazza’s, and Venetians are incredibly warm and welcoming to visitors with children.

Thinking of choosing Venice for your next Italian vacation destination?

Here are some top tips to make travelling in Venice with kids as easy and magical as possible

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Plan Ahead Venice with kids

Just like any holiday with kids, prior planning can help to make your trip run so much more smoothly. Make sure that all of your travel essentials are organised before you arrive, so that you’re not wasting time making inconvenient detours. No child wants to spend hours hunting for a bureau de change, so save yourself the time and hassle by ensuring that you purchase your travel money in advance, before you arrive in Italy, for example. You’ll also find that, because supplies have to be sailed into the island from the mainland, groceries and essentials can be very expensive in Venice. So if you have a child who is still wearing nappies or eating regular (and specific) snacks each day, that you bring all the supplies with you when you arrive, in order to avoid both the hassle and the colossal expense of finding the things you need when you arrive.

venice with kids

Take a Gondola Ride Venice with kids

Riding a gondola is a must for any new visitor to Venice. It is a wonderful way to see the city’s sights with children, as it affords incredible views without having to navigate the many bridges and narrow paths (ideal if you are travelling with a child in a push chair). It is also wonderfully exciting! Yes, a ride in a gondola is inordinately expensive. But for your children it is likely to be a once in a lifetime experience that they will never forget, and one that can only truly be experienced in Venice. And when you put it in real terms, the cost of your unforgettable gondola ride is no more than the cost of a meal out in a chain restaurant or anew computer game once you return home: Well worth every penny.

Head to the Lido Venice with kids

It is likely that you will want to visit all of Venice’s most famous sights, such as the Doges Palace and St Marc’s Square. However unless you have an older, and particularly studious child, it is unlikely that these fascinating sights and attractions will hold the attention of an infant for long. Balance out the cultural hot spots of Venice that you are so keen to visit with a trip to Venice’s beach: the Lido. As well as the beach here, you’ll also find pools and tennis courts which make it an incredibly popular destination for local visitors, as well as for visitors from further afield. The Adriatic here is both safe and shallow, making it ideal for younger children to swim and paddle in: by promising an afternoon at the lido in return for good behaviour at the museums and monuments in the morning, you will soon find that you have wonderfully attentive and well behaved children on your hands!

With a little forethought and planning, a trip to Venice can provide a wonderful holiday for the whole family. There’s plenty to do for adults and children alike, and the city is so beautiful that no one in the family is likely to forget this trip for a while!

Veneto for kids

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Be an Italian ceramist for a day: 45.724010, 11.653380
A kids\' guide to Venice: 45.441371, 12.324046
Walking and playing in Venice: 45.436206, 12.329115
Aqualux Hotel Spa: 45.551549, 10.724104
Palladio Museum: 45.549052, 11.545400
Olympic Theatre: 45.548668, 11.549497
Biking in Venice\'s lagoon: 45.412245, 12.368126
Lido di Jesolo: 45.508800, 12.638800
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Be an Italian ceramist for a day
Be an Italian ceramist for a day: an exciting experience in a real pottery workshop
Via Milano, 10, Marostica, VI, Italia
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A kids' guide to Venice
A kids' guide to Venice
Canal Grande, Venezia, Province of Venice, Italy
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Walking and playing in Venice
San Polo, Venezia, VE, Italia
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Aqualux Hotel Spa
Aqualux: hide-away in Lake Garda: a modern and stylish hotel spa in Bardolino
Via Europa Unita, 24, Bardolino, VR, Italia
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Palladio Museum
The Palladio Museum in Vicenza: some good tips for enjoying the visit with kids
Contra' Porti, 11, Vicenza, VI, Italia
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Olympic Theatre
Walt Disney & the Olympic Theatre: Sons et Lumière show inside the Palladian theatre
Piazza Giacomo Matteotti, 3, Vicenza, VI, Italia
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Biking in Venice's lagoon
Biking in Venice's lagoon: a nice slow tour in the lagoon, 15 minutes away from Saint Mark Square
Lido, VE, Italia
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Lido di Jesolo
Lido di Jesolo Veneto, Italia


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