Sardinia has more than 10 ten things to visit with kids, that I think an entire month on the island won’t be enough to visit them all. However, you can get the most of it during summer vacation, as the island is a true paradise for families traveling to Italy with children of all ages.

Sardinia is known for its uniqueness and charm. Being such a family and child-friendly island, you’ll love going to Sardinia for the holidays. If you ask which part of Sardinia is best for families, I recommend the Eastern Coast. Actually, The Gulf of Orosei, on the central-eastern coast, is one of the most beautiful spots on the island. Said that it’s difficult to find a place in Sardinia that it’s not worthy.

Read on to the top things to do with your kids on the East Coast of Sardinia, which is the best part of the island to stay with kids. In our opinion, of course!

sardinina with kids

Top things to do on the East Coast of Sardinia with kids

1. Head To The Beach

The island of Sardinia is full of amazing beaches that offer rest and fun for you and your children. If you wonder where to stay in Sardinia for a family vacation, the best thing you can do is stay at a hotel close to any of the Sardina beaches. The waves on the beaches are usually gentle, making it safe for kids to splash in the sea. The kids can also build sandcastles or search for shells by the seashore. The Best Beaches in Sardinia are on the Eastern Coast. You’ll adore them, believe me! You can get there by car, arrange a day trip cruise or hike to the most remote area, and enjoy a stunning view. Some of the popular beaches in Sardinia are Cala Goloritzè, Torre di Bari, and the Beaches of Orrì. Cristalline pure water, white sand, and the best beach resorts. What else?

best beaches of Sardinia for kids

Federico & Giacomo resting at Foxilioni beach in the Gulf of Orosei


Since the East Coast is the side with Sardinia’s best beaches, staying in the Gulf of Orosei with kids would be the best option when traveling with children. It is really a magic place to stay. If you drive from North to South, you’ll be astonished by the beauty and the color of the sea. The village of Arbatax is exactly in the middle of the coast, and it’s a good location to start your adventure up and down the coast. To get the most, you can book at Arbatax Park Resort or Hotel La Bitta, famous for its excellent cuisine. You can easily get to Arbatax directly by ferry from Genoa or Civitavecchia (Rome) during the high season.

best beaches of Sardinia with kids

Federico loves to dive. This picture was taken at Cala Goloritzè during a boat trip

2. Visit a Nuragic archaeological site

If you are taking your kids to Sardinia for the first time, a visit to a Nuragic archaeological site will complete your adventure. Nuraghes are very ancient stone constructions built during the bronze era for defensive purposes. The one located in Barumini has been declared UNESCO SITE, and a visit to the Su Nuraxi archaeological site is a must. For kids, Nuraghes represent a fun way to get to know the island they are in. Nuraghes are one of the most Sardinia’s representatives and most important constructions. As you go on a guided tour, your child will be able to truly understand how ancient Sardinia is and how important is the history of this amazing island.


Listed among the top things to do in Sardinia, Barumini is an amazing place to stay with kids. I strongly recommend you book at Hotel Su Nuraxi, located in a strategic place, to visit the Unesco archaeological site. The hotel has a delicious restaurant where you can taste local dishes (absolutely amazing, you’ll love it), and you can even buy local oil.

barumini archeological site

3. Aquarium at Cala Gonone

Sardinia’s Aquarium is a great place to take your children for a morning or afternoon of fun and learning. Children have been known to marvel at the expansive collection of colorful fish, bright corals, and the many other exhibits on display. As you walk through the Aquarium in the town of Cala Gonone, your children will learn about the life cycles of Mediterranean fish, sharks, and sea urchins. Other display tanks include the touch tank, where some aquatic animals can be seen and touched. Animals in the touch tank include stingrays, starfish, and more.

Gulf of Orosei with kids

During a day trip along the Gulf of Orosei, you can swim and dive inside a blu cave. It’s absolutely amazing!!

4. Explore Sardinia’s Caves

If your child is inquisitive and loves to explore the world around him, a good way to have a fun day is to explore Sardinia’s many caves and grottos. Many of these caves are accessible on foot, while some require joining a guided ferry tour. Your children will learn how these natural caves form over millions of years and about the island’s mysterious underground chamber. This is a perfect activity for children of all ages.

ulassai cave

We visited the cave on a super hot day! It was perfect but do not forget a sweater, a cap and to wear sneakers

5. Enjoy Some Sardinian Cuisine

Sardinia is one of the best Italian islands to eat traditional Italian meals and experience Italian dining culture. So if you and your children are holidaying on this beautiful island, you definitely want to try out some of the local delicacies and delicious dishes available. Most kids adore pasta, making them prime candidates to enjoy Malloreddus, a shell-shaped pasta dish, and Culurgiones, a typical stuffed pasta that is herb-infused. Pizza is, of course, another great delicacy your children will definitely enjoy.

the best sardinian food

6. Enjoy Hiking and the Wild Nature

Sardinia is better known to be a land of sea, but if you decide to leave the best beaches on the East Coast to explore the interior, you may get another amazing point of view. Sardinia has so many hiking itineraries. It owns the biggest canyon in Europe and offers incredible climbing activities. And one thing your kids will adore, Sardinia is home to many unique animals like the Mouflon, the little Sardinian donkey, and the Corsican red deer. The best periods of the year to hike Sardinia are from February to April and mid-September to October. Summer is too hot to hike, especially with babies or toddlers.

village of Ulassai

This is the village of Ulassai, a lovely spot on the East coast of Sardinia to climb, hike and explore a gorgeous cave

7. Take The Little Green Train

Sardinia has several elegant little trains that go through its many sectors, but one of the most famous trains on the island is the Little Green Train. While it takes locals on their regular commute, it also takes visitors on specific routes that are short and offer views of some of Sardinia’s old villages, pastures, and fields, as well as some abandoned old stations. Train rides are a great opportunity for your kids to talk to locals and learn about the little towns in Sardinia. Every Friday, the train leaves from Arbatax to get to Gairo, an old abandoned town which is very nice to visit with kids.

take the green train and explore the inland of sardinia

Take the green train and explore the interior of Sardinia

8. Explore a ghost town

Visiting Gairo Ghost Town is one of the most interesting experiences you can have when visiting the East Coast of Sardinia! The old town of Gairo was completely abandoned in the ’60s after a terrible episode of floods, and now you can walk among the ruins of the buildings and experience a true Ghost Town. You won’t see many tourists there, and before you end up in an awkward situation, remind that it is not permitted to enter the old buildings.

Gairo the ghost town of Sardinia

9. Tour Sardinia on Horseback

Sardinia is home to lots of horses, and horseback riding is a regular part of life. Take your little ones on a horseback tour through the countryside. As you and the children ride through the country, your guide will tell you all about the places you are passing through while educating you on the history of riding horses in Sardinia. Horseback tours are usually arranged in multiple places and are suitable for beginner and intermediate riders.

10. Look for the best street art

For a deep dive into the culture of the Barbagia region, you can plan a visit to the village of Orgosolo, where you can see the famous murals. There are more than 150!! Orgosolo is located 110km far from Cagliari, and it is an open-air museum. The first mural was drawn in 1969, and they mainly represent political themes as the symbols of rebellion against the government.

explore the street art in Orgosolo

Our children loved to explore the street art in Orgosolo


Holiday Home Orgosolo (NU) IX is a fantastic accommodation to stay at with children. They will adore the pool, the BBQ, and the amazing view of the mountains.

things to do in sardinia

How to get to Sardinia

The best way to visit Sardinia with kids is by car or by campervan if you love being outdoors. To get on the island, you must book the ferry in advance, especially if you travel in the high season (July and August). Most of the ferries leave from the cities of Genoa, Savona, Livorno, and Civitavecchia and arrive at Porto Torres (North-West of Sardinia), Olbia, and Golfo Aranci (North-East coast), Arbatax (only during peak season), and Cagliari (South).

You can even get to Sardinia by plane and rent a car once landed. Cagliari and Olbia are the two main airports. Olbia (located in the North-East of the Island) is the ideal hub for visiting the East Coast. Cagliari is in the South of the island instead.

Once you have figured out how to get to Sardinia with your children for the holidays, deciding what to do with them is the next hurdle. Use this list to make a fun itinerary when you take your little ones to Sardinia for the holidays.

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