Trentino is home to the best playgrounds settled among the Dolomites, woodland trails and great clearings. In this territory, active families and outdoor lovers can enjoy the perfect vacation combining adventure, nature, hiking and tons of fun.

The Dolomites are not far to reach from the city of Trento, the principal town in the region, that has been named as one of the best Italian cities to visit. There are so many MTB and hiking trails, museums, playground and things to visit in Trentino, that a month won’t be enough to satisfy your explorer’soul. But if you discover one valley at a time, you’ll fall in love with Trento and its valley and your kids won’t ever come back home.

Where to find the best playgrounds in Trentino

Trentino is one of the best destinations for family travel in Italy as it offers plenty of facilities for kids of all ages. There are playgrounds scattered all over this territory. You need to point your finger at one of Trentino valleys, to colour your holiday with joy and lots of fun.

We experienced all the one on this list, but there are more. We spent marvellous days, we wish never ended, and we fell in love with them. I’m sure you will have a great time with your family in Italy too!

The advent of the playgrounds on the mountain trails and how they have changed our approach to hiking with kids

The Italian concept of vacation at the mountain has changed a bit in comparison to the mountain I used to know as a child. In the eighties, the mountain itself was my playground: there were clearings, woods and little rocks to play with. At the time, there wasn’t anything else. Nor a swing, neither a slide, but now the mountain is attracting more and more families. Not only experts or super pro hikers, but also neophytes are getting interested in trekking with strollers. This is why having a lot of services for families – such as playgrounds close to a mountain hut or along the trails – is bringing children closer to outdoor life, and having a healthier lifestyle. Hiking with kids is more accessible now, and the reward of a few hours – of fun and relax – in a vast playground is such an incredible boost to complete hikes even with toddlers!

So, if you are arranging a summer family vacation in Trentino, pencil these spots down, you won’t regret it!

Fiemme Valley: the reign of playgrounds in Italy

Fiemme Valley is THE real kingdom of playgrounds in the mountains. It’s a magical place, where you can find attractions for kids of every age.

Latemar Montagnanimata

The Latemar is one of the most popular mountain groups in the Dolomites. The Latemar divides South Tyrol, Fiemme Valley and Fassa Valley, and it is a paradise for fossils’ seekers since million years ago, it ultimately was underwater. Today, Latemar mountain is home to extraordinary magic events and activities for kids. All you have to do is drive a few kilometres away from the village of Predazzo, travelling towards Val di Fassa – Fassa Valley – and be ready to chase adventures.

With the cableway you go up to 1.650metres and there, families will meet enchanted woods inhabited by Dragons and amazing characters coming out of a fairytale book. Red eyes, sharp teeth and giant eggs will wave hello to little hikers, ready to discover the Kingdom of Dragons.

At Latemar Montagnanimata children can play on different spots:

  • The Dragons’ Forest: a 1.4km length path in the woods (suitable for strollers) that last about one hour and a quarter. Below Rifugio Gardonè, you have to take the ring track, where children can discover a 5 metres high nest of “a Real Dragon“, and many more pieces of art, inspired to dragons.
  • Path of the Absent-minded Shepherd: a 1.5 length path, where families can walk among rakes, pitchforks, milking stools and other instruments that an absent-minded shepherd forgot along the trail. It takes one hour and a half to complete the ring, and the track is not suitable for strollers. Baby carriers are much more appreciated on this track.
  • Alongside these extraordinary thematic paths, we also want to point out a playground for the little ones with sandboxes, swings and slides that stand behind Gardonè Hut.
  • Alpine Coaster: a roller coaster that runs among the woods. (You can see how much fun we had in the video!!)
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A bit northernmost than the centre of Cavalese village, at the end of the first section of the cableway, a marvellous play area opens up in a sunny clearing, where children’s workshops are held weekly. There, at the Cermislandia playground, we cooked polenta, looked for golden pine cones in the woods, played without a care, and enjoyed a unique view of the valley where the Travignolo river flows.

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Giro d’Ali ( Tour of Wings) – Lusia Alp – Bellamonte

A few kilometres before the splendid Paneveggio Park, on the road that leads to Rolle Pass, there is a fantastic location for families: Alpe Lusia. All you have to do is to take the cableway and have fun among water trails. Do not forget swimsuit, sun cream and towel. Children will play pirates, chase gold in the dig and explore nature while parents can lay down on the green meadow.

It was insane!! Kids had so much fun in one of the best playgrounds in Trentino, Italy

At Lusia Alp, do not miss Frainus path, a 1.6km length into the woods. It’s an easy loop trail where kids can make surprising encounters. Look carefully, and you will see how many wild birds live in the Italian mountains.
The Frainus trail can be reached by Le Fassane cableway at 1.750metres. The path is suitable for hiking strollers.

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Fassa Valley: where you can touch the Dolomites

Ciampedie, nestled under the Catinaccio peaks

Do you want to discover the Dolomites, the Unesco World Heritage Site? Then arrange your summer holidays in Italy with kids, in one of the best villages of Fassa Valley. Ciampedie is then a place you MUST visit with children. It is situated 1997metres high, and once you get off the cableway, you will touch the sky with a finger… or at least, this is the feeling 🙂 The Catinaccio mountains are a breathtaking view, the one you will never forget.

We highly recommend admiring the sunset as well from Ciampedie, as you can experiment the magic of “Enrosadira” the typical phenomenon where the rocks of the Dolomites turn purple or reddish at sunset.

At Ciampedie, families can even fly. If you are asking how this could be possible, let me explain: at the arrival of the cableway it has been created a fantastic playground for kids of all ages, with plenty of facilities for babies, as well. For kids aged +6 it is possible to try the Fly Line, one of the longest free flight paths in Europe, where, wearing a harness and sitting on a sort of seat, you can touch the hanging firs for more than 1km. In addition to this attraction dedicated to children (and even parents 🙂 ), Ciampedie is also famous for its beautiful playground with thematic trails linked to the legends of King Laurino and the inhabitants of the woods. It is possible to reach these playgrounds in Italy with the cableway from Vigo di Fassa. 

The amazing view of the Catinaccio from Ciampedie

Valbona, a nest between Fiemme and Fassa Valley

The Alpe Lusia is the mountain that connects the valleys of Fiemme and Fassa, and on these beautiful slopes, at 1820 meters, you can find the playground of Valbona, ideal for children of all ages who, after a hike with mom and dad, can play safe and free before returning to the village of Moena, the so-called “fairy of the Dolomites.”

Valsugana: where art meets nature

Arte Sella: of the best playgrounds for art lovers

Sometimes playing, nature and art mix to create new vital energy. If you have been lucky enough to take a walk in this place, you know the extraordinary effect of Arte Sella. Located in Borgo Valsugana, where, hidden in a forest that looks enchanted, children’s creativity becomes a reality. Intertwining, tunnels and labyrinths: this is what children’s eyes- and hearts- can meet of this incredible exposition called Artenatura. Here, contemporary artists found the inspiration from nature and shaped the most precious material to give the visitors a unique scenery in this gender.

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Alpe Cimbra: the mountain plateau in love with babies

Palù Park: the best spot to play and picnic

It is the largest playground in all the area of Alpe Cimbra, close to the village of Folgaria. Palu Park stands along the road that links Lavarone and Luserna. Families will love the small lakes, the swings and the longest green slide ever seen! The kiosk is the perfect place to have a picnic, and the area is excellent as well to play sports.

Respiro degli alberi (the breath of the trees)

Close your eyes, and let the scent of moss, resin and fresh flowers transport you to a world where tranquillity dominates. It is a short walk from Lavarone, on the road that leads to Folgaria, in the heart of the Alpe Cimbra plateau. This path in the woods is a little over 1000m of altitude, and it takes about an hour to walk, which makes it ideal for everyone that wants to find refreshment from the summer heat. It is highly recommended to families with little children and mothers-to-be, who do not want to spend their Trentino Italy vacation at higher altitudes.

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Paganella: a paradise for active families

Molveno: adventures on the shore of the lake

Not located at a high altitude, but on the shores of an enchanted lake, I couldn’t fail to tell you about this place because of the great attention dedicated to children from this beautiful village in Trentino, Italy. Indeed, for the diehards of the suntan and for those who are still very fond of the idea of a beach holiday, Molveno is the perfect location to experience your first approaches to the mountain. It is possible to walk through the enchanting paths of the Brenta Dolomites, to swim and to play freely on the lake. What else could you want from a holiday that offers sports, fun and even a lot of relaxation?
This playground in the Dolomites is one of the most beautiful and well-kept that we have encountered: there are sandboxes, small and giant slides, swings and a fantastic pirate ship that you can climb.

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Taking the basket-shaped gondola is already an adventure for the little ones, then accompany them on an easy trek to the shelter, and reward them with an amazing playground. You will make their day and yours as well. The cableway starts in the village of Molveno and in a bunch of minutes you will arrive on the top of the mountain.

If you want to discover more about Paganella, do not miss a unique adventure with bears.

Nature, playgrounds, outdoor activities, and relax. Trentino, in Italy, is your next destination for a summer vacation with kids.

Get in touch with your Italian Travel Planner. We wait for you to come!

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