The afternoon we spent relaxing at Saturnia Thermal Spring has been one of the best of summer 2013. We were camping at Marina di Grosseto, and that morning we left early the coast, ready to discover the inland of Maremma. Nearly 80km of up and down awaited us before our family bumped into the magic of Saturnia. A gentle and luxurious pamper, as part of our active and adventurous camping holiday.  


As in a fairy tale, we met Saturnia’s hot springs. The baths immediately remind the warmth of a mother’s womb. It’s the magic of its gurgling that tells guests, the ancient history of Saturn, God of abundance, who flew into a temper because men were always fighting against each other.
So, one day, he decided to put the order, took a bolt of lightning and threw
 it down onto the Earth, causing sulfurous and warm water to gush out, from the crater of a volcano. Suddenly the world was covered by healing water that calmed everything and gave birth to wiser and happier men.
The setting of the legend is acknowledged to be the heart of the Tuscan Maremma: here, this water is still gushing out at a rate of 500 litres per second and a temperature of 37° C.
Welcome to Terme di Saturnia, one of the leading Italian example of baths and SPA destination.


Magic water. “A stinky pool” as per Federico, relating to the sulfurous and carbon dioxide that enrich it. Devilish elixir of eternal youth. Even on summer and sunny day – such as our family experienced – the 37 water degrees were welcomed as a relaxing skin and body relief.

interni terme di saturnia

spogliatoio terme di saturnia

Four thermal water pools fall, several Jacuzzi and vascular courses having both warm and cold water. It goes from the hottest jets, more delicate on the legs, to the ones that seem to pins in the calves. I walk for the first time this path almost in apnea because of the thermal shock… and my men laugh at me! It takes three-run, step by step, to finally relax.

The mineral water from Saturnia’s hot spring play “hide and seek” and then explode like a volcano“, our three years son said. He stands still in front of the children Jacuzzi. Although the pool is highly recommended for kids, he’s totally intimidated by the sight of a thousand bubbles puffing from the bottom of the pool, preferring to return to the children water pool, where he could play with dad.

piscina bimbi terme saturnia

Terme di Saturnia with kids

If you’re thinking that a SPA or a Wellness Center is not kids friendly, Saturnia is ready to say you’re wrong. But if I have to tell you the truth, we came in tiptoeing, worried that Federico euphoria, could harm the relax of other Club guests. At Terme di Saturnia SPA spaces are so vast, that there is indeed room for all!
He comes boldly to the pools. There are other children in the water, and he immediately tries to jump into the fray. But unfortunately dive is highly forbidden… the only thing that our enthusiastic son did not like! Guests safety stands at the forefront of attention at the Wellness Center, as the edges of pools, water-worn sulfur is more slippery than a common pool. This does not mean that kids couldn’t have fun at Terme di Saturnia, but you’ll probably have to engage the youngest with new water games, such as testing their strength!



Good to know

Before you come in the Wellness Center with kids, we highly recommend you to warn your children you’re going to an extraordinary pool, full of different paths, steps, platforms and splashing water to follow. This as a nice translation of the rules that have to be respected at Saturnia. Kids will expect a great adventure park, while mom and dad could easier follow the regulations imposed by the SPA.
Kids that generally attend “normal” swimming pools shouldn’t even notice the difference, but mom and dad should not forget:

  • Despite the fact the water is warm, it is best to avoid immersion straight after eating.
  • Take brief and frequent dips, so your body can make the most of the treatment and avoid staying in the water for more than 20 minutes.
  • Do not stay under the waterfalls for more than 5 to 10 minutes because this is where the concentrations of hydrogen sulphide and carbon dioxide are at their highest.
  • Take a break of around 30 to 45 minutes between dips, to relax.
  • Non‐swimmers should not enter the large, 2‐metre‐deep pool.
  • Children are not allowed in large pools or under the waterfalls. There are safe specially-designed pools for them. 

prato terme di saturnia

Practical information to visit Saturnia with kids

  • How to get thereSaturnia is located in the heart of Maremma, just 170 km from Rome and 200 km from Florence. If you arrive by car from Grosseto, you have to follow the Aurelia SS1fino in Montalto di Castro, then follow direction Manciano – Saturnia. For those who prefer to travel by train, a free transfer will be organized on request from the station of Grosseto.
  • Opening hours: from November, 4th to March, 29th 2014, the SPA centre is opened from 9.30 to 17.00. From March 30th, 2014 entrance from 9.30 until 19.00.
  • Tickets: Daily tickets € 22, children aged 2 to 6 years € 12, afternoon entrance € 17. The fare for the Wellness Center includes rental chairs, sun umbrella, locker and dressing kits and allows free access to all areas and facilities of the structure (65 € per person)
  • Facilities: the Wellness Center provides with all the imaginable equipment. The dressing rooms are equipped with showers, hairdryers and lockers. There are several bars and restaurants where you can enjoy a healthy snack or a fresh juice. Small playground for the youngest guests on site.


hotel saturnia

vista hotel terme di saturnia

Reservation & Booking

Terme di Saturnia
Phone +39 0564 600111
58014 Saturnia – Grosseto

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Image by lufthansi from Pixabay