It is still in Italy, but it is so close to South Tyrol that you can not feel the difference. This is one of our favorite place for a family holiday in South Tyrol. A tiny village you can’t easily forget.

You just have to imagine a road at the mountains, a crossroads and then a sharply winding road that follows. Powdery snow falls. Darkness is surrounded by the silence of the nature. If you decide to arrive at the twilight, take it easy. You might find a deer climbing down to Malles searching for food. The road narrows. Mobile phones have no signal and calling home might be difficult.

It looks like a fairy tale, but it’s simply the grand setting of Vinschgau – Venosta Valley. You’re arriving at Schlinig, the last village of the Valley, in the Italian South Tyrol. The altitude is 1.742 so close to the sky… that’s the feeling!


Schiling Valley viewed from Alp Planbel

Nestled between the Reschenpass and Switzerland, Schiling is a small Tyrolean village, mostly unknown to Italian mass travelers, that prefer to stop between Malles, Glurns and Burgeis. 188 German-speaking inhabitants welcome families and their pets. It still taste the Italian hospitality, even if they honor the South-Tyrolean flag.

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Enjoy the wild nature and follow its rhythm during a family holiday in South Tyrol

Here in South Tyrol the air is always crisp, cold, stinging. After a hot supper, go outside for a night walk. It is amazing!! Your kids will discover a blanket of stars and listen to the sound of wild animals hidden in the woods.
A family holidays in South Tyrol and in the village of Schlinig rhyme with essential things and simple life. Rooster crows at the farm and activities resume the next day. If you’re looking for a special destination to relax, slow down and enjoy the company of smiling kids, you are in the right place!


Enjoy the silence and the rural life

During the day, the parking area at the village entrance is filled with cross-country skiers, hikers and daily visitors buzz that are going to Alp Planbel. Kids laugh, making snowman or sleighing along the path that is a bike lane on summer season.
Once the curtains are down over an outdoor day, the temperature swoops and silence returns all over. The only sounds you may hear are the snowmobile laying the track for a new adventure and the bells ringing from the stables. Schlinig has an economy based on peasant farmstead that from XV° century prevents land fragmentation and ensure the family survival thanks to the milk production. Those are the cows of the brand Mila, but unfortunately, it’s not enough to sustain the economy of the families living there. Thus, the farm is often adapted to landlords to increase the family budget. That’s why, here in South Tyrol and in particular in the village of Schiling, tourists can experience a true Farm Holidays, where guests (even kids) if they wish, may contribute to the rural activities.


What we like about Schiling

Schlinig is characterized by few facilities, few services and during winter, tons of snow. Especially during Christmas time, this tiny small village resembles to a white crib. Christmas lights and decorations on every corner give Schiling the real and peaceful atmosphere of Nativity. This is the perfect location to spend Christmas holidays. It is a destination highly recommended for those in search of the warmth of a family hug!


Schiling cross-country track

Good to know

  • How to get there: A22 highway – Bozen exit or from Bodensee/Arlberg – Fernpass Innsbruck and from Switzerland across Taufers
  • Where to park: 2 parking areas are on site. The first one at the village entrance, close to the skibus stop and the second close to the ski run departure
  • Shops: a hotel, a restaurant, a bar and Kristiana Sport for skis and sledges renting. The nearest supermarket is in the village of Burgeis, 10km far (15 minutes driving)
  • Activities on site: top destination for fans of cross-country skiing because of its 14km track, hicking paths (available on winter with snowshoes)
  • Kids: no conventional facilities as playground are on site.  Your kids will be completely entertained by the purity of nature or caught in snowball fights
  • Nearby: Europe’s highest Benedictine abbey – Burgeis and Watles ski area, 4km far

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