Spring has finally come to town and new opportunities for outdoors activities grow as the temperature increase. Just 30 km from the cities of Milan and Pavia, in the heart of the Ticino park, families travelling to North Italy will find an eclectic place, which has reinvented itself over the years: the Cascina Caremma. This is the ideal place for mom and dad to chill out, the location is suitable for a family outdoor adventure, or the perfect scenario to celebrate your most cherished events. All this and much more. The Caremma has become a leading example of regional hospitality.

The Caremma established the farm activities in 1988. Over the years it has grown to adapt its offer to tourists, complying their desires with market trends, but maintaining the utmost attention to eco-friendly standards, in all the activities offered.


Cascina Caremma: restaurant and hotel

Product offered to guests come straight from peasants hands. They pamper fields, livestock and crops in order to obtain flavoured raw materials, that are transformed, as if by magic, in simple but impressive dishes. Rice, corn, wheat and grain for livestock feeding directly come from crop rotation. Then, chefs prepare the menu every day, according to food availability. Berries cultivation and local beer manufacture are examples of excellence. The restaurant has a real vocation in tying the food with the most genuine regional traditions and recipes, that aim to rediscover last century rural lifestyle.
The Caremma has 14 rooms, that differ in size and rates, but all tracing their origin from the old barn renewal. The silence of the Ticino park surrounds the farm.

caremma edificio

Cascina Caremma Nature SPA

Family raids in the Ticino park end at the twilight. Time to relax now! Massages, hydrotherapy and steam baths wait for parents relax. In a covered area of 500 square meters, with views over the woods and countryside, mom and dad can let tensions out thanks to a pool dive or simply enjoy romantic moments. And if kids follow, no worries: one of you should entertain children, while the other read a book, sip a herbal tea or relax near the crackling fireplace.


That’s me at the Nature SPA bachelorette party


Family-friendly workshop

At the Caremma, young or elder guests would be entertained in cooking, creative painting and naturalistic trails classes to satisfy everyone’s longing to experience the farm. “Dall’erba al formaggio” (from grass to cheese), “Buono come il pane” (the Italian translation of as good as gold, is literally as good as bread) or “Dall’Acqua al risotto” are just some of the workshops offered to adults and children. All activities of the farm are single-issue and carried out in special laboratories with local guides. Baby school trips are organized to let toddlers exploring the natural landscape, within blueberries hunt!


Discovering farm activities

What we like about Cascina Caremma

The Caremma is a “hit-and-run” Toads’ family destination being so close to Milan. Every time we went there, we came home restored in body and spirit. Although the Caremma is a place of innovative hospitality – it has just reintroduced a winery production – it is extremely tied to the traditions of Milan. The ancient flavours and the recipes handed down through generations are the milestones of their hospitality.


Caremma aerial view – Credits by Cascina Caremma

Good to know

  • How to get there: From Milan highway A7, exit Binasco, then follows SP30. Many road signs point the way until there, so it’s very easy to reach the farm.
  • Children facilities:  Full baby equipment (cradle, folding bed, baby chair) provided. Changing room on site.
  • Best attraction: Cities of Milan and Pavia are a 40minutes drive. Guest can’t miss the Cistercian complex of Morimondo Abbey, that stands few miles far.
  • Nearby activities: Caremma stands in the middle of Ticino Park, so bike and hiking trails start from the farm. Being a fluvial environment,  kayak and other river activities can be organized on request, as well as orienteering, bird watching and horse riding. Outdoor recreational and educational activities are organized by Kailas.
caremma cartelli_tips

MTB trail to Morimondo Abbey

Information & Booking

Cascina Caremma Agriturismo Naturae Spa
Via Cascina Caremma, 2
20080 Besate –  Milano
Phone +39 02 9050020
e-mail: info@caremma.com
Web site: www.caremma.com