When Federico was born, we took one of the saddest decision ever: sell our motorbike. So after many trips, beautiful journeys and narrow roads, one of the passions we have in common had to be paused. Not forever of course, but a list for a while. And even if travelling with our two boys is exceptionally surprising, we miss being alone -just the 2 of us – and we miss our motorbike too!

Sometimes Mom and Dad need to take a deep breath from their parental activities, relax, have a romantic dinner and be a couple again. So if you share the passion for Valentino Rossi and its crew, you merely have to visit Italy by motorbike.

From a motorcyclist’s point of view, Italy is among the best places in the world to ride in. There are so many adventurous itineraries that worth a holiday in our country, that you’ll probably can’t get enough of it!

The best motorbike itineraries in Italy

Motorbike itineraries in Italy stelvio pass

48 hairpins to get to the top!! One the best motorbike itineraries in Italy!!

Twisty roads, close distances between sea, hills, city of art and mountains. You only need to ride a few miles and the landscape changes completely. Excellent food, good weather and reasonable costs make Italy a desirable destination for bikers.

Let’s start from the North East of the country where the huge Dolomites stand still. Declared Unesco World Heritage Site in 2009, these dramatic mountains are the ideal setting for an adventurous trip by motorbike in Italy. The Tour of Four Passes is a fantastic roundtrip that can be discovered in just a weekend.

Passo dello Stelvio
If you love driving at the mountain, Stelvio Pass is a must! This is the second highest pass in Europe (2.758 metres), and it divides Lombardia and Alto Adige: 40 hairpins from Valtellina to get to the top and 48 hairpins to get off in South Tyrol (Venosta Valley).

Garda Lake
Are you a fan of James Bond? Well, park your Aston Martin and drive your Ducati close to the beautiful shore of Garda Lake, where Quantum of Solace was filmed between the villages of Tremosine, Riva del Garda and Torbole.

Let’s wave goodbye to the Alp reaching the sea! If you plan to visit Cinque Terre or Genoa, Serravalle highway is a super (but quite a dangerous road) to drive through. It’s a twisty motorway, two lanes and many fast & furious bikers during the weekend. If you come by, you must consider some shopping at Serravalle, one of the most famous designer outlet mall in Italy.

Langhe, Umbria & Tuscany
If you prefer gentle motorbike itineraries, you can’t miss the soft hills of Langhe (Piedmont region) or the well known Umbria and Tuscany. They are insanely good… especially if you think that these three regions offer the best wine of the entire country!! To die for!!!
The medieval villages of Cherasco and Fossano are close to Alba (Piedmont). You can choose this region if you’re a truffle lover!! The superb Crete Senesi (the hills close to Siena in Tuscany) where Bagno Vignoni, San Giminiano or Pitigliano stand, giving breathtaking memories.

Motorbike itineraries in Italy Pitigliano

The breathtaking view of Pitigliano an extraordinary itinerary by motorbike in Italy

Top sites to check when you arrange your motorbike itineraries in Italy

Driving along twisty roads chasing local food in a Trattoria is one of the best experience you may have during a motorcycle trip to Italy, but if you have to drive long distances in short time, the highway is a quicker solution.
Italy has a very efficient motorway network, especially in the North and Center of the country.
Before starting your journey, we recommend you to give a look to Autostrade per l’Italia website (it’s the official site for motorways in Italy) and check your itinerary: weather, traffic, relax and assistance areas.

One of the things we miss about “travelling before kids” is the freedom of going with no address: no reservation, no rooms booked for the night, no panic of “what if we don’t find a bed for the overnight?”, no mandatory destination to reach. Our motorbike, a backpack, a map… and the B&B website close in our hands! We love this site because you can find accommodation – almost everywhere – for all budget.

Technical support & equipment
Anything can happen, so it’s better to be prepared! You can’t start a motorbike journey with flat tires, and as you prepare luggage before travelling, you have to be sure that the vehicle you’ll ride up and down Italy, is correctly set up. So make a list and get some supply of motorcycle parts, bags, protective gear or communication system.

Remember that Italy is full of incredible views. Be ready for your next adventure; a motorbike itinerary is waiting for you in Italy. Don’t you want to sneak up on?