Italian oil is a treasure that enriches every dish. Raw, cooked, or on a slice of bread, that’s the way you may taste it, in order to follow the rules of the Mediterranean diet. This is the extra virgin olive oil! A true local excellence that countries all over the world envy us.


The map of regional excellence

Italy has a varied and extensive offer of olive oil, as in fact, it is nearly produced in all regions. Let’s make a virtual journey through the flavours of the regions and if you want, visit a mill with us.

  • Riviera Ligure DOP: Fruity, light, with a flavour of almonds and pine nuts in the end. A perfect oil to match the pasta with pesto, seafood salad and grilled white meats. Typical for a dinner in Vernazza.
  • Garda DOP: Fruity with hints of herbs, taste fine almond tones, it can be enjoyed with rice timbales, the fried zucchini flowers and grilled meats. It’s great after a boat trip on the lake.
  • Terra di Bari DOP: Strong taste, bitter and spicy in the end. An oil that is combined with raw and cooked vegetables and the orecchiette with turnip tops. Try it with a slice of bread of Altamura, just seared on the grill during a bonfire on the beach and with sea urchins.
  • Chianti Classico DOP: Oil fragrances of artichoke and herbs. Its taste is round and slightly spicy tones. Chianti is best enjoyed with vegetable soups, with the panzanella, Ribollita and rabbit with black olives.
  • Toscano IGP: It tastes like the Chianti, but it differs in texture and appearance that makes the oil denser. Excellent with cold cuts with rocket and a steak to be enjoyed on the terrace, with a view that is lost among the hills.
  • Sardinia DOP: Fruity, soft on the palate with floral tones and closing. This oil is served with fish dishes, steamed or grilled shellfish. Ideal for a sailboat lunch or a romantic waterfront dinner.
  • Monti Iblei DOP: Intensely fruity, this oil has all the warmth of this land. A hint of tomato makes it ideal for vegetable appetizers, dips and grilled fish. You may taste it admiring the Sciara del Fuoco from a gulet trip.



Producing oil, a tradition that lasts a year

But who is behind this map of taste? How long does it take to produce green gold? Making good oil is a job that lasts 365 days a year: the grower cultivates olive trees to prepare healthy olives destined to final production, during the autumn the miller extracts the juice and “oleologo” – the oil maker – creates the blend, identifying the right combinations to optimize the flavours.

If you want to try different combinations, with a daring mix of flavours or experiment while cooking, there are workshops to attend in order to become oil tasters, as real sommelier!


T4IT recommended mill

If you want to learn more about Italian oil, you must visit a mill and discover the secret of the “green gold!” 4 km far from Castiglione del Lago, nearly 60km from Perugia, the tourist travelling to Umbria could reach Pozzuolese Co-operative oil. This mill was created in 1968 according to a small number of local producers that aimed to improve the quality of oil production in the Trasimeno Lake area.
Nowadays the company has obtained important results with a continuous increase in the number of partners and buyers. The mill stands in the countryside, surrounded by cultivated farmlands, forests and olive groves. You could have a relaxing break there, buying some bottles at the internal mill shop and kids could enjoy a guided tour as well.


Pozzuolese Co-operative oil mill and shop
Mill and shop
Via Croce, 3
06061 Pozzuolo – Perugia