Visiting Lavarone with kids is a fantastic idea when planning a winter trip to Trentino, in the North East of Italy. Let’s discover why you will love it.

Folgaria in Italy is one of the most famous destinations for winter holidays. Many families choose this beautiful location in Trentino, both for a Christmas vacation or a weekend break. But if you prefer tiny villages, off the beaten track, you have to go to Lavarone with your kids.

Folgaria, Lavarone and Luserna are the three villages of Alpe Cimbra, in Trentino, in the North East side of Italy. They are just a bite from Garda Lake and a bunch of kilometres from the city of Trento. So if you are looking for a quiet destination in the mountains, but away from the busiest slopes, Lavarone ski area is the perfect place for you!

This part of Trentino is particularly appreciated by families as there are plenty of kids facilities, altitude is favourable to newborns and babies, as it stands at 1000 metres and so it is easily accessible to newborns or moms to be.

The village of Lavarone is just 16 km from the most famous Folgaria, the main commercial centre of the area, and it offers many activities for families all year. In winter, then, it is truly magical, thanks to the presence of frozen lakes, amusing playgrounds and a particularly favourable climate.

We have been there on several occasions, and we highly recommend a holiday on Alpe Cimbra in Trentino with children. Are you ready to learn more about this village?

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What to do in Lavarone with kids in winter

The whole territory of Lavarone offers many activities to spend fun, but at the same time relaxing holidays on the snow. Families with children of all ages have various attractions and sports activities to try out, but also a wellness centre where they can regenerate after a day in the outdoor.

Lake of Lavarone

Lavarone Lake is the spearhead of the whole territory of Alpe Cimbra. Tourists come 365 days a year to visit this gem, but if “Silver skates” was your favourite book, I’m sure that you’ll fall in love with this destination in winter.

As soon as you arrive, you can see a slab of grey and white ice, which almost blinds you on bright days. The landscape is incredibly fascinating and enveloped in an almost unreal silence, interrupted only by the laughter of children running on the lawn. We went there with the idea of taking a leisurely walk and going back, but we were so good that we stayed until evening, without ever looking at the clock.

Lake Lavarone is a small body of water 17 meters deep and rising to 1,079 meters above sea level. In summer it is a top-rated destination for seaside tourism – it even got the Blue Flag in 2017 – thanks to the clarity and purity of its waters.

In winter, however, when the establishments are closed, and there are no coloured umbrellas on its banks, the lake brings out its wildest soul. The icy surface is a powerful temptation that is really hard to return home. Nature seems bent under the cold. The forest around the lake is coloured by grey and brown. The setting is perfect for relaxing and slowing down.

Lavarone Lake becomes a beautiful natural playground in which to relax and make peace with the world.

Children had fun admiring the tiny life under the slab of ice on the thaw. They collected leaves, stones, twigs. They tried to “save fishes trapped under the ice“, observed the roots of uprooted trees and experienced the thrill of walking on the frozen lake.

The tour of Lake Lavarone can be done in 20 minutes with a brisk pace. It is a circular route, without any difficulty, and 1.2 km long. It took us at least four hours, during which we also played at the playground, and we had a super yummy sandwich lunch at Miralago bar.

The icy surface of Lavarone Lake was incredibly fascinating.

Curious tips about Lavarone Lake
  • It is one of the oldest lakes in the whole of Trentino.
  • It has a karstic origin.
  • Sigmund Freud used to walk on his shores in the early 1900s as he used to stay for long periods of rest and study here in Trentino.

Useful tips for visiting Lavarone Lake

  • During high season, tourists have to pay a parking ticket. When we went there, the parking lot was completely free, and the ticket machine was not working.
  • Picnic areas are in front of the lake, and there is also a comfortable campervan area close to the shore.
  • Bars and restaurants are located on two opposite sides of the lake: on the northern shore and the southern shore.
  • If you want to go for a walk, you could do both in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. But if you go there – like we did – in the middle of winter, you will have to pay attention to the shaded areas. So be careful to the icy and particularly slippery stretches.
  • The path that runs along the lake is formed by a paved and paved part, while the shaded one is a wide path in the woods, so be careful in winter.
  • In winter, I recommend wearing hiking boots and using a hiking stroller for babies.

Palù Playground

We had heard of the Palù playground during the summer months, but we must say that even wrapped in the winter charm has a lot to say. It is a green area in the hamlet of Cappella di Lavarone with large picnics areas – both on the lawn and where the BBQ area is – a frozen lake and lots of toys for children of all ages.
As soon as children arrive, they are attracted by the giant green slide that never seems to end! And if your kids are passionate about inline skate, skateboard or BMX, at Palù Playground they will find a small halfpipe to practice jumps and shows.

The view from the huge slide of Palù playground at Lavarone

Practical info to visit Park Palù

  • free parking
  • the paved road that runs along the entire 1.3 km long park which can also be covered with skates, bikes and strollers (be careful in winter due to the presence of icy areas in the shade)
  • supermarket 5 minutes on foot, useful for buying sandwiches or a snack on the fly
  • toilets on site

The view of Palù playground from the lake

Skiing at Lavarone with kids

Lavarone ski area is one of our favourites ski area, as it’s perfect both for beginners and for children who want to experiment more challenging slopes. Lavarone ski area stands in the hamlet of Bertoldi. Once you arrive there, you will find a large parking lot, the snow playground called Neveland, several shops, bar restaurants and the ski equipment rentals.

With a single ski pass, you can ski on the entire area that includes even the districts of Lavarone, Luserna and Levico, so there are many kilometres of fun 🙂 The slopes are predominantly blue or red. The only black run is the Avez del Prinzep, and it is visible and well signposted. It’s impossible to take it by mistake or to face a difficult descent without wanting it.

What we liked most about our ski weekend in Lavarone with kids, was the possibility of making very long runs, taking the cableway and enjoy new scenarios. One last thing about the slopes. Here at Lavarone, skiers have always the possibility of descent by two variants of the same track: one easier (perfect for beginners and for kids) and more challenging.

Many bars, restaurants and mountain huts are on the slopes either. Prices are comparable, and there are even facilities to make the stay of the families always very pleasant.

Once the skiing day is over, children can have fun at the Neveland snow playground, a real jewel for families visiting Lavarone. Neveland is located in the large Bertoldi basin and offers treadmills to learn how to ski, a tubing track for thrilling descents with doughnuts, an inflatable area and mini quads with snow tracks.

The honey house

If your kids love the world of bees, the honey house at Lavarone is a must! Tourists can find here both a shop and an incredible museum about bees, honey and their history. So if you need to come back home with delicious honey and excellent homemade products, the Museum and the Honey House is the perfect place to go.

This place is called “Museum and House of Honey” because next to the shop, there is the laboratory and museum where the beekeepers sell homemade products. Inside the shop, visitors can buy from different types of kinds of honey, natural cosmetics, soaps, candles and small souvenirs related to bees.

Opening times and visits

Every day from 9 to 12 and from 14 to 19.
Museo del Miele is located in Località Tobia – Lavarone (TN)
Phone +39 0464 783315

Winter walks

Lavarone is a perfect destination for hiking lovers. Summer season is perfect for exploring the thousands of trails among the woods. During winter, families travelling to Italy can both hike in the woods with the snowshoes or simply walk among the hamlets of Lavarone that can be travelled with strollers either.
We recommend to check the conditions of the paths with the local tourist promotion office or to be accompanied by local guides if you are not safe enough to adventure during winter months.

Swimming pool and wellness centre

Children are always happy to go to the pool! Especially if there is the “bubble bath” – as Giacomo calls the hot tub with hot water! The swimming pool is a good idea for relaxing after a cold day in the outdoors or for an alternative afternoon in case of bad weather. Lavarone wellness centre offers fun and relaxation at the same time.

Here you can find a large 1.35m deep bath, a baby space with warmer water and 60cm depth and two whirlpools. The wellness area (where children are not allowed) offers a Finnish bath, a bio sauna, a Turkish bath, emotional showers, chromatic showers and a Kneipp path.

To enter the tub you need a swimming cap, in case you have forgotten it at home, you can directly rent it at the reception.

Remember to pack with you:

  • Ecological pool diapers that are easily reusable and suitable for children from 0 to 3 years old.
  • Swimming cap
  • Flip flops

Lavarone Wellness Beauty & Relax
38046 Lavarone-Cappella, Phone: +39 0464 784076

Practical tips for family winter holidays at Alpe Cimbra

How to get there

Lavarone is located 40km far from the city of Trento, two hours drive from the city of Verona and about 250km from Milan, that can be travelled in about 3 hours. For those coming from Austria, Lavarone is at 170km from Brenner Pass.

If you are driving to Lavarone, you will take the A22 highway, until Rovereto Nord exit. Once you have taken the mountain road, you will have to follow the signs for Folgaria and then for Lavarone along the SS350. The sixteen kilometres that divide Folgaria from Lavarone are great fun for those with a passion for driving. A little less, if you suffer from car sickness. The road is wide and spacious, but rather winding to go up or down from Passo Sommo, which is about 1,350 meters above sea level and which corresponds to half the way to reach the Lavarone plateau.

Finally, Lavarone is divided into several inhabited centres, because of its particular conformation of the territory. Reaching a hamlet, rather than another, can make the road stretch slightly longer, than what you will read on your GPS.

Where to stay with children at Lavarone

During our weekends at Alpe Cimbra, we had the chance to test different hotels. We recommend staying at the Hotel Miramonti, located in the hamlet of Gionghi, or at the Hotel Bertoldi, which is less than one kilometres from the ski area. Both hotels are family-friendly and offer plenty of facilities for kids of all ages.

Our first stay at Hotel Bertoldi was magic. Giacomo was 3 months yo, and he slept the entire night for the first time… hurray!

The atmosphere is very relaxed and cosy in both hotels. They have renewed rooms, delicious food and the rates for a family of four is really affordable.


Lavarone Plateau is a gem for families travelling in Italy in winter. After the first weekend, tourists will only desire to come back.

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