During springtime, there are lots of amazing kite-flying events held around Italy. Our favourite is the Cervia International Kite Festival, which every year takes place around the end of April to the beginning of May.

International Kite Festival Cervia flying kite

A flying kite

It is a unique gathering of kite artists from all over the world and the event is at its 39th edition, meaning that the Festival has been running for quite some time now. There are only a handful of festivals in the world that can show off such a long history and still have the same organizers. Also, the event takes place in a beautiful place: along the beach of Pinarella di Cervia, a popular summer destination in Italy with very warm weather and gentle onshore breezes, making it ideal for kiting.

The beach & the event

The beach runs for kilometres and is lined up with colourful beach clubs. During the Festival, it is divided into different areas: stunt kite flying, ground displays of banners, tents, beach art, floating and flying aerial art of all forms.
International Kite Festival Cervia banners in the wind

Banners in the wind

Further up, within a short distance from the kite fields, there are food kiosks, music, and a row of tents selling all sorts of goods including kites…
Fried shrimps and beer from kiosks!

Fried shrimps and beer from kiosks!

Within the same area, there is a larger tent hosting wonderful workshops for children, who will create their own kite, guided by international kite artists. At the end of each session, the kids will, of course, run to the beach and try out their creations! These workshops are normally very popular, so it might be a good idea to pop in and ask whether it is possible to book the workshop.
If this is full, no worries. Kids will have a lot of fun just running on the beach and playing in the sand…
Playing with the sand...

Playing in the sand…

For a bit of thrill, you can try out the amusement park, located right behind the food kiosks! A bit expensive (5 euro per kid), but the children will love it!
In a bubble...

In a bubble…

 Although the event lasts for two weekends, time passes softly, with no particular schedule to attend: what counts is just to relax, enjoy the beach and add as much colour and movement to the sky as possible. In fact, the sky becomes a blooming garden of the most unusual and unique kites and people just gather on the beach to spend some time together, share ideas and thoughts and relax in this paradise of sun, sand, wind and clear blue sky.

We like this Festival because

It is a fun, colourful event that will amuse children and adults alike. And it is free! The location is beautiful and offers a variety of things to do and see. In fact, Cervia is located along the Adriatic Coast, about 2 hours south of Venice and 1 hour from Bologna. It is a popular summer resort, but – during the spring, when the festival is held – it is far less crowded and peaceful, despite this event attracts lots of people. So, if you plan to visit Italy during this period, make sure not to miss it!

Good to know

  • How to get there: by car, motorway A14, take one of the following exits: Ravenna (then follow directions to Lidi Sud – Rimini) or Cesena (then take Via Cervese S.S. 71/bis direction Cervia for 12 km); by train: best main station to get to is Cesena; from there get a local train to Cervia – Milano Marittima (from the station, there are plenty of buses that will take you to Pinarella di Cervia beaches); by plane: closest airports Rimini (30 km), Forlì (30 km), Bologna (90km)
  • Where to park: once in Pinarella di Cervia, just explore the narrow streets between the centre and the beach; it will be quite crowded due to the event but you will eventually find some space!
  • Campervan Areas: Adriatico Camping,  Via Pinarella, 90 – Cervia, tel.0544/71537, email info@campingadriatico.net, webiste www.campingadriatico.net; Pinarella Camping, Via Abruzzi, 52 Pinarella, tel. 0544/ 987408, email direzione@campingpinarella.com, website www.campingpinarella.com; Safari Camping,  Via Titano, 130 – Pinarella, tel.0544/987356, email csafari@cervia.com.
  • Opening times: from 10 am to 7 pm; during weekends there will probably be also night events
  • Tickets: free entrance
  • Kids facilities: the whole event is kid-friendly, in terms of activities! Also, beach clubs normally offer changing facilities and a cafè, so if you need some milk for your baby, just ask. If you and your children are hungry, you’ll find plenty of drinks and good food both at the beach clubs and at the kiosks on the beach.
  • Where to sleep: here you can find a list of hotels offering special packages for the occasion;
  • Nearby: just a few km away, there are the beautiful Butterflies House and the Maritime Museum of Cesenatico.

Other Kites Festivals in Italy

  • 23- 24 March, in Gubbio: Ventomania
  • 6 – 7 April, in Imperia Borgo Marina: Sole e Vento
  • 13 – 14 April, in Rimini: Aquilonata sul Mare 
  • 25 – 28 April, in Ferrara, Vulandra
  • 2 – 5 May, in Castiglione del Lago (Pg):  Coloriamo i Cieli
  • 11 – 12 May, in Rosolina a Mare (Ro): Festa del Vento
  • 19 May in Fogliano di Reggio Emilia: Aquilonando 2013
  • 25 – 26 May, in Marina di S. Cataldo (Le): In Venti nel Vento
  • 25 – 26 May, in Prato: Voliamo con i Colori
  • 2 June in Barberino del Mugello: Geometrie Volanti
  • 28 – 30 june in Marina Latina (Lt): Festival degli Aquiloni
  • 3 – 4 August in Sauze d’Oulx (To): Olimpykite
  • 31 August – 1 Sept in Urbino: Festival dell’Aquilone

For more information

International Kite Festival
Pinarella di Cervia beach
Cervia –
Tel +39 (0)547 21501
Email info@artevento.com
Webiste www.festivalinternazionaleaquilone.com