The Castle of Avio is one of the most visited castles in Trentino, Italy. Families travelling in the North East of Italy with children of all ages will love it, as it’s like a fairy tale castle. Entirely in shape, and with lots of activities for the youngest visitors.

When driving along the highway A22 from the Brenner Pass to South, tourists realize that both in South Tyrol and in Trentino region, there are many medieval castles along their journey to Italy. You can even entertain your kids during the trip, asking them to count how many castles do they see from the window.

Trentino Alto Adige Region (both the municipality of Trento and the Southtyrolean districts) owns, in fact, the highest number of castles in comparison to the entire surface of the region. Can you then imagine how many things can you visit in Trentino, besides active vacations?
The Caste of Sabbionara d’Avio is one of the top things to see close to Trento. Let’s go and visit it with children!

The view from the top of the tower of Avio’s castle

Visit the Castle of Avio with kids: useful tips to arrange a day trip

A bit of history

The origin of the fortress comes from the Roman times, but the oldest part of the castle dates back between the 11° and the 12° centuries. Then it was expanded thanks to the Castelbarco family who owned it until 1977 when the daughter of Emanuele Castelbarco donated it to the FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano – an association which aims to protect, promote and supervise historical or artistic sites).

Inside the castle of Sabbionara, tourists can admire beautiful paintings, defensive gates and frescoes of ladies, knights and allegories. It’s a jump in the age of chivalry!

How do you get to Avio and where is the Caste of Avio located?

Sabbionara d’Avio is a small village that stands in the Trentino region. The castle dominates the hills, on the left bank of the Adige River. It’s precisely 50km far both from the city of Trento and Verona so, and it’s quite easy to get there. The Castle of Avio is 190km far from Milan, the city where we live, so we can recommend going there even on a day trip.

To reach the castle you can:

  • Drive till the exit of Ala-Avio on highway A22 and then follow the roadsign for the Castello di Avio. You will get there in 10 minutes from the exit of the highway. It will take 40/50 minutes to get there from Verona and 30 minutes from Trento.
  • Take the train. If you depart from Verona, you’ll get on the regional train to Trento and Bolzano, and in 45 minutes you’ll be there. If you leave the city of Trento, you’ll get the train to Verona, and you’ll arrive in 30 minutes. Once you arrive at the station, you can take a taxi or a bus.
  • The closest airport is the airport of Verona.

Opening hours of Sabbionara’s Castle in Trentino, Italy

The Castle of Avio is open from mid-March to the beginning of November. During the most important holidays (Halloween for example), it is accessible either, to entertain families with kids thanks to huge events, activities for kids and shows.

The castle opens its doors from Wednesday to Sunday, from 10 am to 6 pm.

Tips 4 Families: tricks and recommendation to visit Avio’s Castle

The scenery is beautiful, especially during spring. It’s highly impressive. Imagine rows of vineyards as far as the eye can see, a small village and a medieval manor that dominates from the hill. Ancient walls that date back the Roman times and scent of wisteria, fresh grapes and flower in blossom.

Our eldest son, Federico, running on the path towards the Castle of Avio

The castle is open to the public and can also be visited without a guide. During the year there are many activities for tourists, many of which are dedicated to families. If you visit the castle independently (therefore not during a specific event), half a day will be enough. We recommend combining the visit to the castle to a picnic or lunch at the restaurant that is super yummy!

After you leave the car at the closest parking lot, you follow the path and in ten minutes walk, you’ll arrive in front of the walls. Baby carriers are the best equipment for babies. Leave the strollers in the trunk as they are absolutely uncomfortable during your stay at the castle.

Here we are, arriving at the entrance of Castello di Sabbionara, Italy

Can you see it? The castle is perfectly preserved! The wow effect is guaranteed on arrival!

After passing the entrance, we recommend you go to the shop and ask for all the equipment for the treasure hunt!

Federico is opening the treasure chest with the key received at the bookshop. He loved it!!

Every year a special treasure hunt is organized at the castle. A different chase with a different theme. The youngest visitors are so interested in discovering each details belonging to the history of the manor. When we visited it, we had the task of completing the wedding kit for the newlyweds!

How does the treasure hunt work?

Go to the bookstore, ask for the “magical key” and the map. Then go visit the castle. Once you enter in each room, you’ll chase for the sticker to complete the map. At the end of the tour, kids have to return to the bookshop and wait for a super knight first certificate!

Facilities for families

The castle of Avio is one of the top attraction for families so that tourists can benefit from many facilities.

  • free parking lot with a picnic area
  • a fantastic restaurant and cafeteria a few steps after the entrance of the castle. We had lunch there, under the green grapes, and it was an amazing atmosphere! …and of course… the food was excellent!!
  • bookshop for souvenirs and presents
  • toilets for families with changing tables
For information and booking

Castello di Avio
Via al Castello Sabbionara, d, 38063 Avio TN

Where to sleep close to the Castle of Avio

As I told you before, you can both choose Trento or Verona to stay for the night. In case you prefer to sleep at Trento, we highly recommend these two options:

  • Hotel Venezia for a super central and budget accommodation. The hotel is in front of the Duomo, in a magic scenario.
  • B&B Il Torrione for a super cosy and lovely accommodation.

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