Four days of tales, art, fantasy, music, culture and entertainment.  It is the Andersen Festival, a wonderful event that takes place in the beautiful village of Sestri Levante, in the Liguria region (Northern Italy), from 6th to 9th June.



Shows and street art will take place at any time, in the streets, in the squares, on the beach and in any public places you can think of.  The Festival was created to celebratethe famous Danish writer and poet Andersen, who lived in this stunning village back in 1833.

The fil rouge this year will be “Fear and Wonder“; two elements which are at the basis of any tale. And of life, to say the truth. Here the full programme for these four days; ufortunately it is in Italian; but you can google translate…

Our tip: stay in Sestri at least a couple of days and try to choose an accomodation not far from the centre; the events are many and mostly concentrated during the afternoons and evenings. Also, it is normally very crowded, so just be patient, get a printed programme and pick up the initiatives that most suite you and your kids.

Shall we see you in Sestri then?