1760, tasting Venosta Jam


Once you have tasted it, your palate will be difficultly satisfied by the supermarket ones. This jam truly preserves the essence of the authenticity of Venosta Valley and flavours embodied the authentic mountain essence.

Creamy, soft taste, sent of strawberries ripe.

Leaf green pampered by gentle and passionate hands that follow every stage of the fruit growth. Traditional methods of cultivation are applied from sowing to harvesting, up to the manufacturing of the artisanal jams.

The tiny shop entrance

The tiny shop entrance

Bernhart family manage the Christlhof farm and grow up Schlinig crops in Venosta Valley, following the rhythm of nature. This lasts for generations, as the jam old recipe is handed down from mother to daughter. Jams and chutneys, that have recently enhanced the range of 1760 branded products.


The way the jam is produced

Short cooking at high temperatures. This is the secret to enhance the flavour of the fruit. Strawberries, apricots and berries benefit from special climatic conditions. Cold nights and sunny days ensure a slow ripening and the right balance of sweetness, as well as acidity. A crop fleshy, rich and flavourful. Real fruit, precious like a gem for a jeweller! A pot really valuable, but not in the price, especially considering the product quality! (4.20€ strawberry pot – 5.50€ Nr. 5 pot)
The goodness of this jam stands in his name and in the large amount of fruit used. 1760 is the altitude at which strawberries grow, as those fields are the highest in Europe. 65g of pulp per 100g of finished product. Very few sugars, orphan of dyes and chemical preservatives.

If the door is closed, no worries! Just ring the bell and someone will welcome you in!

If the door is closed, no worries! Just ring the bell and someone will welcome you in!

From strawberries to different flavours

1760 began his successful story, being a strawberry jam, and in summer of 2010, the Bernharts experienced with all the others tastes, mixing raspberries plus apricots, strawberries plus apricots and the superb “No. 5 “composed by strawberry, apricot, raspberry, currant and blueberry.

These are special creations, but to our taste, the strawberry jam is unbeatable. The flavour’s combination is truly original and unique. In every pot, you feel the authenticity of the natural local products which come straight from the hands of the producer, to the consumers.

Every trip to Schlinig is an opportunity to fill the pantry by pot. Just go to the farm with a sledge and load it. If you find Bernhart door closed, do not despair. Ring the bell, a German voice from afar will ask you to stand there. Mr Bernhart will open, telling you the whole story of his precious jams.

At your place then, opening the pot would taste like a dip jump in the scent of Schlinig and in the tiny Bernhart shop. So let the strawberries aroma released by this simple label pot make you drunk!



What we like the most of 1760 Confettura Venosta

  • Kids love it
  • It’s a genuine product
  • High-quality standard compared to price
  • Best in jam tart
  • Excellent in association with bread and butter

For information and orders

Bernhart Family – Christlhof Farm
Schlinig 29 – I – 39024 Mals
Venosta Valley
Phone +39 0473 831438

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