The more we travel to Italy, the more we feel grateful for the incredible chance we have! Pure seas, huge mountains, art everywhere and – above all – delicious flavours! Italy is fantastic in the four seasons and living here gives us the opportunity to be very close to whatever destination we want to explore. Sometimes travel a weekend at a time is not enough for the thirst for discovery we have, but our goal for 2018 is to meet at least three regions we’ve never met before. There are plenty of tiny villages, peasant recipes and traditions to be revealed.

So, for those who are coming to Italy for the first time, we have prepared a list of things you can experience while visiting our country with your kids. It could be endless, as there’s always something new, but those are the first 100 things we think are formative for their trip to Italy. This list is a collection of destination, activities, dishes and history! From North to South, East to West!

Choose the one you prefer and travel to Italy with kids!



  1. Hike the entire Apennine
  2. Complete the hiking of the legends through the Dolomites
  3. Complete the Sellaronda tour – Dolomites – by ski, snowboard and MTB
  4. Go husky sledding in Trentino Alto Adige
  5. Meet Santa at his place at Riva del Garda
  6. Meet Otzi, the Italian Mummy, the man of the Alps in Bolzen
  7. Sleep at the superb family hotel Cavallino Bianco at Ortisei – Bozen
  8. Sleep at the Muse Museum at Rovereto – Trento
  9. Eat polenta at the mountain
  10. Ski through the Olympic Alps of Sestrière
  11. Sleep under the stars on the top of Monte Bianco
  12. Go snowshoeing in the Gran Paradiso National Park
  13. Sleep in a haunted house or a castle
  14. Go canoeing at the Tremiti Islands
  15. Visit the Blue Grotto – Naples
  16. Explore the underground of Naples
  17. Eat pizza in Naples
  18. Take a picture of Mount Vesuvius
  19. Visit Ponza Island
  20. Go MTB through the magnificent Foresta Umbra in Apulia
  21. Sleep in a Trullo and in an ancient Masseria in Apulia
  22. Visit Castellana Caves in Apulia
  23. Visit Rome
  24. Visit San Marino
  25. Enjoy Gardaland fun park
  26. Walk barefoot on the wet and soft lawn at Sigurtà Park
  27. Climb the stairs of the Duomo in Milan
  28. Trace the street art in Milan
  29. Eat an ice cream
  30. Hike the volcano Etna in Sicily
  31. Admire the city of Matera and its famous “Sassi”
  32. Hike at Cinque Terre
  33. Sail to Sardinia
  34. Visit the unrevealed city of “Nuraghi” in Sardinia
  35. Visit the Vatican Museum
  36. Admire the Sistine Chapel
  37. Take a bath in a fountain in Rome
  38. Eat spaghetti alla Bolognese
  39. Visit the aquarium in Genoa
  40. Eat spaghetti al pesto in Liguria (a famous recipe made by basil, oil and garlic)
  41. Walk with flamingos at Po delta
  42. Ride a bike along the Brenta bike lane
  43. Admire the sunflowers fields at Marche region
  44. Admire the hills of Tuscany
  45. Walk along the ancient Francigena way
  46. Attend the Palio of Siena
  47. Run on the lawn while mom and dad taste wine in the Chianti region
  48. Eat fondue in Piedmont
  49. Eat chocolate in Turin
  50. Take a hot air balloon in Ferrara
  51. Admire the kite festival in Cervia
  52. Visit the Ferrari museum
  53. Visit the Ducati museum
  54. See the Colosseum
  55. Take a picture with the centurions
  56. Visit Pompei
  57. Learn to make a Piadina
  58. Go sailing among the Eolie Islands
  59. Admire Leonardo da Vinci Last Supper
  60. Eat a focaccia in Portofino
  61. Go canoeing in the Gulf of Portofino
  62. Pick up olives and make oil
  63. Looking for flamingos in Romagna
  64. Go bird-watching in Tuscany
  65. Celebrate Easter in St. Peter’s in Rome
  66. Have a Christmas lunch with an Italian family
  67. Take a ride on a Venetian gondola
  68. Visit a glass factory at Murano – Venice
  69. Attend Carnival in Venice
  70. Attend Carnival in Viareggio
  71. Taste frittelle and chiacchiere, the special Italian carnival sweets
  72. Explore the Temple’s Valley in Agrigento – Sicily
  73. Eat a cannolo in Sicily
  74. Pick-up the oranges in Sicily
  75. Take a picture of the leaning tower of Pisa
  76. Admire Uffizi Gallery in Florence
  77. Contemplate the beauty of Michelangelo’s David
  78. Cross Ponte Vecchio in Florence
  79. Take a picture of Florence from the hill at Piazzale Michelangelo
  80. Lear to prepare home-made pasta
  81. Have a BBQ on the beach… you can choose the one you prefer!!
  82. Sunbath at the Conigli beach in Lampedusa island
  83. Pick-up capperi on the island of Pantelleria
  84. Sleep in a Dammuso on the island of Pantelleria
  85. Attend the chocolate festival at Perugia
  86. Say a prayer at Assisi
  87. Hunt for the truffles from Alba – Piedmont
  88. Visit Parma, the city of ham and the music composer Giuseppe Verdi
  89. Attend one of the opera of Giuseppe Verdi
  90. Attend the opera at Verona’s Arena
  91. Visit Juliet’s balcony in Verona
  92. Trace Shakespeare around Italy
  93. Trace Dante Alighieri around Florence
  94. Buy fresh fish at a market
  95. Go on a boat trip to Como Lake
  96. Explore the gardens of Isola Bella – Arona, Maggiore Lake
  97. Visit the Dying City at Civita
  98. Take a picture at the Sword in the Stone at San Galgano
  99. Explore Pinocchio’s Park at Collodi – Tuscany
  100. Explore the park of the Speaking Trees at Treviso


And now it’s your turn!! Since we’re very curious, tell us the top 100 travel experiences you want to live with your kids before they grow up! Bring us to your own Country or to any other country in the world you would like to visit with your family!



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